Daily Bulletin

PBS updates planned for Cheyenne and Casper

June 2, 2021

During the previously announced scheduled downtime of CISL’s HPC systems in July, the PBS Pro job scheduler on both Cheyenne and Casper will be upgraded to version 21 from the current version 18 (Cheyenne) and 20 (Casper). Updating both to version 21 will address some compatibility issues between the two clusters and is expected to improve performance and stability. When both systems are running the same version, it will be possible to submit and query jobs from one system to the other without the use of wrapper scripts.

Another significant change in PBS Pro 21 that will affect some users is the prohibition of many special characters that were allowed in job names in versions 18 and earlier. Users are advised to begin changing their PBS job scripts well before July 26 to remove these characters from job name directives:

;   [ ]   ( )   { }   *   &   ^   %   $   #   @

Please contact the NCAR Research Computing help desk if you have questions.