Daily Bulletin

University instructors: Use NSF NCAR computing resources in your university courses

May 9, 2024

Do you teach a university class? Consider applying for a classroom allocation on Derecho.

As part of NSF NCAR’s mission to support atmospheric science and education, faculty and instructors at any two- or four-year U.S. institution can use NSF NCAR HPC and analysis resources in their courses in Earth systems science and related areas. 

Classroom allocations can also be used for shorter-term training courses and workshops aimed at the university community, with the goal of developing a skilled workforce relevant to all aspects of NSF NCAR’s mission. “Special projects” or honors thesis courses under the guidance of a faculty member are eligible.

Individual accounts are provided to all students and the instructor(s), so be sure to allow at least a week for setting up accounts. Very large classes may require more setup time. NSF NCAR can provide consulting assistance to the instructors.

Classroom allocation requests can be submitted at any time and decisions are generally made within a few days. 

See the ARC portal documentation for more information on allocations, or submit a classroom allocation here