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Cheyenne Countdown: New year, new you, new supercomputer! Switch to Derecho.

December 18, 2023

Now is a great time to switch to Derecho.

Just in time for the New Year, Cheyenne will retire on December 31, 2023, to be replaced by the new supercomputer Derecho. 

The good news is that Derecho is 3.5 times more powerful than Cheyenne. However, the bad news is that researchers now only have a couple weeks left to wrap up all their computing projects on Cheyenne.

It is officially the last minute. Please do not count on being able to restore work after the deadline, as CISL cannot give anyone special priority. 

Switch to Derecho just in time: contact the Consulting Services Group via the User Support page, or schedule a virtual or in-person consultation

For more pointers on making the transition to Derecho, visit this help page, watch this video (starting 1:53:37), and take a look at this slide deck (p.75–76).

Go boldly into 2024 confident that your hard-earned runs are safe and sound! Switch to Derecho today, and have a wonderful New Year.