Daily Bulletin

NCAR Nominated for three HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards

September 15, 2023

HPCwire, the online magazine for the high-performance computing community, has announced the nominations for this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, and NCAR has been recognized for activities in three categories. All HPCwire subscribers are eligible to vote, and voting closes on October 1. NCAR staff cannot vote for NCAR nominations, but you can encourage your non-NCAR colleagues to vote!

Xingying Huang (CGD) was part of a collaboration that produced the ARkStorm 2.0 dataset, nominated for “Best HPC Response to Societal Plight.” Amy DeCastro and RAL colleagues were nominated in the category “Best Use of High Performance Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence” for their work to improve wildfire forecasts. And in the “Best HPC Collaboration (Academia/Government/Industry)” category, NCAR is nominated as a partner in the ACCESS Allocations Service collaboration to democratize access to advanced cyberinfrastructure resources.

For more details on these activities and where to cast your vote, see the news item on the CISL website