Systems Accounting Manager

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The Systems Accounting Manager (SAM app) enables users to manage their system preferences and get reports on charges for using the computational and storage resources that CISL manages.

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User preferences

Log in at and select User, then Preferences.

From there, you can:

  • Change your primary group if you belong to more than one UNIX group for using NCAR supercomputing resources.
  • Specify your default login shell for the systems to which you have access.
  • See what your home directory is on each system.

SAM reports

Log in to and you will see the following choices on the Reports menu:

  • My Account Statements
  • My 30/90 Day Use
  • Project Search

If you are authorized to charge usage to multiple projects, you will see them listed when you select either of the first two report types. Select one of the projects listed to get information.

NCAR divisional users often have access to numerous projects, while individual university users most often have just one or a few.

In either case, use Project Search to:

  • go directly to a report on a specified project, or
  • search by username to see all projects with which you are associated.

My Account Statements

Your Account Statement includes an overall report on the status of your project’s computing and storage allocation and the usage associated with it. If you are authorized to charge usage to more than one project, you will have an Account Statement for each project.

Section of data from a user's Overall Usage report.

The overall usage report on project activity shows your allocations’ start and end dates, amounts allocated, and remaining balances.

The “Activity” link at the end of each line reveals more details: the project’s allocation history, a monthly summary of job charges, and other activity, such as refunds. You can select a month and then view or download the individual job records.

Another table includes additional information regarding your project’s status in relation to any 30- and 90-day usage thresholds that apply and to any related projects. This is most common for NCAR users on divisional projects. Your own statement may show lines for multiple projects or subprojects, as is often the case for NCAR divisional allocations.

My 30/90 Day Use

This selection lets you focus on your usage in relation to any 30- and 90-day usage thresholds that apply. Again, this is most common for NCAR divisional projects.

Project Search

You can search by individual project code and get an Account Statement as described above.

If you search by your username, you will see a list of any projects you are associated with and you can select any of them to get an Account Statement.