SSH tunneling with PuTTY

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Supplement to Using remote desktops on Casper with VNC

The output from your vncmgr command includes a line in this format. (Each x is a number.)

ssh -l username -L xxxx:localhost4:xxxx "bash .vnctunnel-default"

Follow these steps to copy and paste the necessary information from that command into the PuTTY interface for Windows.

  • Load a PuTTY session with as the hostname.
  • Select Connection, then SSH. Display screen image.
  • Enter the following in the Remote command field.
bash .vnctunnel-default
  • Under SSH, select Tunnels. Display screen image.
  • Paste the first four digits from the ssh command above into the Source port field.
  • Paste the "localhost4:xxxx" into the Destination field.
  • Click Add.
  • Click Open, then log in.
  • Follow the instructions provided in your terminal window to start your VNC client. Example instructions:
Starting SSH tunnel to the VNC server...
Now load VNC on your local computer and connect to:
VNC will ask for a one-time password. Use the following:
This terminal session will hang until the tunnel is killed.
To kill the tunnel, simply type C-c/Control-C.
Make sure you close VNC before you kill the tunnel!

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