UCAR FTP server

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This service is temporarily unavailable.

Authorized UCAR persons and NCAR personnel (individuals who have valid NCAR scientist and project numbers) can use the UCAR FTP server to share files with anyone who needs to download them if no secure method is available.

This server should not be used for data storage.

If you need an account, submit a request here.

Some browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, no longer support the file transfer protocol (FTP). If your preferred browser does not work with FTP, consider using an installed software package or access the server from your command line.

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Uploading files

Log in to with your FTP client (see image) or by entering the following on your command line.


You will be in your own personal directory (/pub/cisl/username, for example) and can upload files only to that directory or subdirectories that you create. Execute the usual FTP commands* to put the files in your login directory or a subdirectory.

Notify the intended recipient of the full path name to make the files easy to locate.

Ask the recipient to download the files. Remove them from the server once the recipient has downloaded them.

Keep in mind that anyone can access files kept on the server in a public folder.

Do not store sensitive or critical data there.

Image of host name and port number for UCAR FTP

When using FTP client software such as WinSCP, be sure to select FTP and specify Port 21 (as shown in the image above) rather than SFTP and Port 22 to log in to

Downloading files

You do not need an account to download public files from the FTP server.

Use one of the following methods if you do not have an account.

Browser access

Use your browser to access Find the appropriate /pub subdirectory, select the files, and copy them to your local machine.

Command line FTP

Start by entering the following on your command line.


Log in as “anonymous,” then use your email address as your password.

User anonymous
331 Please specify the password. 
Password: [email address] 230 Login successful. 

At that point, simply change to the appropriate directory and use FTP commands* to copy the necessary files to your local machine.

Enter quit to log out.

*FTP commands: For a list of available FTP commands, enter the command help after logging in. For basic information about an individual command, specify the command, as in help mput.