Transferring files to Google Drive or DropBox

Created by Unknown User (bjsmith), last modified on 2022-11-11

Researchers who store data on the GLADE system and need to share it with colleagues who do not have GLADE access can do so with Globus, or with Google Drive or DropBox as explained below.

Users who are familiar with Amazon Web Services can also create a Globus Amazon S3 endpoint for sharing data. Visit the Globus site for more information.

Google Drive

With the Google Drive client software installed on your local machine, you can copy the files to a local folder that then syncs them to Google Drive. Alternatively, you can copy GLADE files to your local machine and then upload them to Google Drive as a separate step.

Follow these steps to share data using Google Drive installed locally:

  1. Download and install Google Drive.
  2. Download and install Globus Connect Personal and make your local computer a Globus endpoint.
  3. Use Globus to copy your data from GLADE to your local computer.
  4. Configure the files for sharing within Google Drive.

See Google Drive Help.


DropBox users who have installed the DropBox client on their local machines can move files directly to DropBox in the same way as described above for Google Drive.