Data transfers and sharing

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The best way to transfer files between systems or to share data with colleagues depends on the context. For example, you might want to move or copy data that you own from the GLADE system to a university storage resource or from GLADE to NCAR Campaign Storage. At another time, you might want to share data that you have on GLADE with someone who does not have access to NCAR systems. 

There are several ways of accomplishing these transfer and sharing tasks. Review the descriptions of each below and follow the links provided for details.

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Transferring files between systems


CISL recommends using Globus to transfer files between systems – for example, between non-NCAR facilities and the resources that CISL manages. The Globus platform also enables users to transfer files between their GLADE file spaces and the NCAR Campaign Storage file system.

Globus has both web and command line interfaces, and its Globus Connect feature enables users to move files to and from laptop or desktop computers and other systems. Globus has a typical transfer rate that ranges from 100 to 200 MBps.

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The installed Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and Secure FTP (SFTP) utilities are best suited to transferring small numbers of small files to or from a local computer and the resources that CISL manages.

More information. Also see the SCP and SFTP man pages on the computer from which you will initiate transfers.

These other tools also can be used to make secure transfers between your local computer and CISL systems:

  • PSCP / PSFTP – PuTTY utilities including a Windows version
  • WinSCP – SCP and SFTP transfers with a graphical user interface for Windows users


BBCP is a multi-streaming utility for transferring large files. It splits files into multiple streams that are transferred simultaneously, so it is faster than the single-streaming SCP and SFTP utilities.

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Sharing data with colleagues


In addition to the features described above, Globus enables users to share files with colleagues and others who do not have NCAR user accounts.

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Sharing via Google Drive and other services

Individuals who have GLADE access can copy files from GLADE and then share them with others via Google Drive or services such as DropBox and Amazon Web Services.

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