VPN access

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NCAR and UCAR employees who are working remotely, and some other individuals who work closely with NCAR, may need to use the virtual private network (VPN) to connect with internal resources.

If you need VPN access, see your lab's system administrator about downloading the necessary client software.

When you have the client software and the required authentication token or app, you can connect to the VPN as described below.

Connecting with GlobalProtect

Start by clicking the GlobalProtect icon on your desktop or taskbar.

Enter your username. (Remove CIT\ if it appears in the password field. Enter only your username.)

Follow the documented procedures for using your authentication token or app (for example, CIT password and Duo push). Use as the portal name if it doesn't appear already.  

GlobalProtect login screen

A box like the one below will confirm that you are connected to the VPN.

VPN connection confirmation

Click Disconnect when you are finished.