Daily Bulletin

MathWorks tutorial June 24 on parallel computing with MATLAB

June 22, 2021

Registration is open for a free MathWorks online learning session on parallel computing with MATLAB from noon to 1 p.m. MDT on Thursday, June 24. Participants will be introduced to high-level constructs for performing large-scale computations and learn how to execute matrix calculations that are too large to fit into the memory of a single machine.

Register here for the WebEx online meeting and learn how to: 
  • Create parallel applications to solve computationally and data-intensive problems
  • Run independent iterations in parallel on multicore CPUs and GPUs (over 500 MATLAB functions run automatically on NVIDIA GPUs)
  • Apply new functions that allow you to analyze and run computations on big data sets
  • Run interactive parallel computations, batch submissions and distributed computations
  • Scale MATLAB programs to clusters and clouds without recoding using MATLAB Parallel Server