Daily Bulletin

Reminder: June 6 SEA Open Discussion on Mentoring

June 4, 2024

Join the UCAR Software Engineering Assembly (SEA) this Thursday (June 6) at 1pm for a lightly-moderated discussion on mentorship across UCAR.

Any discussion topics are welcome, as are all experience levels. We encourage you to share your experiences and hope to leverage this information to improve the experience for both mentors and mentees. We also strongly encourage our summer interns to participate and give feedback!

Some potential discussion topics include:

  • Do you participate in mentoring personally or as a team? Are you participating in summer internship programs explicitly or working with students in other ways (i.e. part-time students during the academic year)? Are you only mentoring students or other staff members or groups?
  • How can we foster a welcoming environment for our mentees where they feel comfortable asking questions and making suggestions? How do you give and receive constructive and actionable criticism?
  • What are some challenges and successes in onboarding mentees with the learning curve of research software engineering? (e.g., HPC, code specific knowledge)
  • Can you share some experiences and practices worth emulating, or ideas worth trying?
  • What is the best way for you to convey the intent and purpose of a project to your mentee? What is the best way for a mentee to convey their progress to you?
  • What are some challenges and successes of mentoring remotely?

Hope to see you there! For NCAR/UCAR Staff, add this event to your calendar. If you are external, please email Taysia Peterson for an invitation.