Daily Bulletin

Completed Derecho Maintenance Brings Module Environment Changes

February 8, 2024

Derecho maintenance activities are complete and the system has been returned to production.  

New user software has been installed including new versions of the Intel, NVIDIA, and Cray compilers (most of the new installs are available on Casper as well). On Derecho, these new modules can be found in version 23.09 of the software stack, indicated by the top-level ncarenv/23.09 module. This ncarenv/23.09 version is now the default module environment on Derecho, and is thus loaded at login time. Older versions of software packages are still available, but you must load the ncarenv/23.06 module first to have access to them.

This change means that if you have not been explicitly loading the module for your desired ncarenv version in your job scripts, you may get errors suggesting that certain modules are not available, or you may see new versions of packages (e.g., intel, netcdf) loaded unexpectedly. As a reminder, CISL recommends always loading specific versions of all necessary modules at the start of a job script; doing so helps document the job environment and increases reproducibility.

Several hardware components were serviced both in Derecho and Destor, its scratch storage subsystem. Performance tunings were also applied to the Campaign Storage subsystem. Unfortunately, one of the primary goals for the outage—upgrading the software version of the "Slingshot" high-performance network—will be deferred until a future outage.

Please report any issues to CISL support at https://rchelp.ucar.edu.