Daily Bulletin

Cheyenne Countdown: Transition Your Work to Derecho Now

October 13, 2023

Cheyenne continues to see high levels of activity as researchers finish up projects before the system is retired on December 31, 2023. Because of the many active projects, CISL will not be able to provide any researcher with special priority to complete work in progress. Therefore, researchers should move their work at the next feasible break point.

We understand moving to a new system can be inconvenient or complicate your computational plans, and the Consulting Services Group (CSG) is available to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Visit the User Support page in the ARC portal to contact CSG.

CISL will also entertain requests for additional core-hours on Derecho in order to ensure you can transition to the new system successfully. See the User Support page and submit a help desk ticket describing your need.