Daily Bulletin

Upcoming changes to Casper services

March 22, 2021

Casper users will notice some service changes as the cluster is migrated from Slurm to the PBS job scheduler over the next couple of weeks. The first change involves the vncmgr script, which allows users to start VNC sessions on Casper nodes. This script uses Slurm now, but will be migrated to PBS on Monday, March 29. Changes will be minimal, but custom scheduler options must be specified in PBS format after that date.

As part of broader upgrades planned for the JupyterHub service, the batch spawner for Casper also will be switched from Slurm to PBS. We will release more details on accessing the upgraded interface soon. Once Slurm is decommissioned on April 7, all JupyterHub batch jobs (on both Cheyenne and Casper) will be scheduled using PBS.

No changes to the FastX service are expected due to the migration to PBS.