Daily Bulletin

ARC portal gets new user-friendly features

January 11, 2022

The Advanced Research Computing (ARC) portal has some new capabilities to help users find information and get the help they need. Users and prospective users can also submit and manage their allocation requests right from the portal with the new Allocation Submission application. Following some updates and early user feedback, a new beta version of the app is available again on the platform.

Also noteworthy:

  • A button just added (upper-right corner) makes it quick and easy to submit a help request without leaving the portal.

  • The refined ARC search function returns results that can be sorted easily to include only HPC-relevant documentation, all documentation in the Research Computing Knowledge Base, or only Daily Bulletin articles. All of CISL’s documentation for HPC users was moved to the knowledge base recently and integrated into the ARC platform.

Additional enhancements to the ARC user interface are in development.