Daily Bulletin

Derecho delivery delayed until June 2022

December 7, 2021
The updated timeline for delivery of the Derecho system.

Due to the continued worldwide shortfall in semiconductor supplies, the delivery of Derecho to NCAR will be further delayed by approximately six months. HPE’s new delivery date for Derecho is now mid-June 2022. Following Derecho’s delivery, HPE and CISL will begin the system’s installation and testing effort that will require approximately two months to complete. CISL will then begin formal acceptance testing that is expected to be completed by late September. Derecho will be open to all users by early December. 

Derecho’s test system, named Gust, is still scheduled to be delivered in mid-February, and Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) projects will have access to Gust several weeks afterwards. Finally, CISL is engaging HPE to extend Cheyenne’s maintenance agreement until mid-2023 to ensure at least a six-month overlap between the Cheyenne and Derecho systems. Projects with Cheyenne and Casper allocations will be given the chance to transfer core-hours to Derecho once Derecho has arrived.