Daily Bulletin

New look, other web changes coming soon for CISL

November 22, 2021
Part of an image from a state-of-the-art flow simulation that replicates the nature of the Coral Triangle between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Source: CISL Visualization Gallery

When you visit cisl.ucar.edu in early December, you’ll find yourself in colorful new surroundings that showcase the work we do to support the rest of the Earth system science community. You’ll get a fresh look at what CISL is all about, from supercomputing and data services, to research and software development, to outreach and internships.

As we prepare to show off our flashy new public face, we’re also relocating other important information for our high-performance computing users and our own staff.

HPC user documentation has already been added to the NCAR Advanced Research Computing (ARC) portal, joining other user support content that includes our system status reports, allocation management and reporting tools, the Daily Bulletin, and more.

Staff-only forms and pages are moving to our own special part of the Sundog staff portal. We’ll include a link in an upcoming article; the new website will include the same link.

Even after the new CISL site is launched, we'll continue to update and add new features and content. We will let you know when we get closer to the launch date and look forward to your feedback.