Daily Bulletin

Tutorial: New job scheduling features for Cheyenne and Casper users

October 15, 2021

Recent upgrades to PBS Pro are bringing some changes and new capabilities to the scheduler, most prominently the addition of peer scheduling (coming October 20) between Cheyenne and Casper. Brian Vanderwende of CISL's Consulting Services Group will present a tutorial at 11 a.m. MST on Tuesday, November 9, to introduce new users to the scheduler and to update experienced users on these recent upgrades. Topics covered will include:

  • Starting batch and interactive jobs on Cheyenne and Casper
  • Creating multi-system workflows with peer scheduling
  • Querying current and historical job information and debugging job failures
  • Using resource requests to specify memory and GPUs
  • How PBS is used within JupyterHub

The tutorial will last approximately 45 minutes with additional time for questions. Please use this link to register. By registering and attending, you agree to abide by the UCAR Code of Conduct. The tutorial will be recorded and published.