Daily Bulletin

Upcoming GPU Hackathon and other learning opportunities

October 7, 2021

With the upcoming deployment of Derecho in 2022, CISL continues to work with NVIDIA to encourage and support users who want to learn more about GPU programming and computing. As mentioned in previous announcements, NVIDIA regularly partners with institutions to conduct intensive code development and improvement events called GPU Hackathons. One such upcoming event hosted by NERSC in December will use NVIDIA A100 GPUs and should be particularly relevant to Derecho users. Applications are being accepted until Friday, October 8

NVIDIA also provides many useful development tools in its NVIDIA HPC SDK. These include the PCAST utility, which allows users to detect divergence between two versions of a code. While PCAST has many uses of interest, a particularly relevant application involves porting CPU code to GPUs and comparing the results of their respective computational runs. NVIDIA engineers do a deep dive into using PCAST for this purpose in this blog post, which we encourage current and prospective GPU developers to explore.