Daily Bulletin

Writing batch job output to restricted storage space is no longer permitted

September 7, 2021

CISL has determined that jobs attempting to write log and error output to restricted targets such as /dev/null caused recent PBS server issues that adversely affected Cheyenne and Casper performance. Preventive measures are now in place to reject such jobs.

Other invalid output targets include, but are not limited to, /dev/shm, /var/tmp, and /var/spool/pbs. The error message users will receive is provided below. These measures were necessary to protect the health of the systems and maintain good system performance.

CISL suggests users direct any unwanted output files to their own GLADE scratch space and either delete the output or wait for it to be purged.

ERROR: Your job has been rejected.
Write check for output file path /dev/null failed.
This can occur if you are specifying log output location that is in a shared or invalid location such as /dev/shm, /var/tmp, /dev/null, or /var/spool/pbs.