Daily Bulletin

Register now! Prepare for Derecho with NVIDIA GPU training

August 16, 2021

With the arrival of Derecho still months away, now’s a good time to learn more about GPU programming, accelerated machine learning, and porting to and optimizing for the NVIDIA hardware that will be featured on the new system (A100 GPUs). Throughout the year, NVIDIA partners with institutions to host bootcamps and hackathons with both HPC and AI focus. These events are open to all, and can be explored at www.gpuhackathons.org.

  • GPU bootcamps are intended to get people more confident with GPU programming with real-life examples and give users a coding/design challenge for a few hours in teams
  • GPU hackathons involve small teams of developers who bring their own application/code and are paired with NVIDIA experts and other HPC mentor volunteers during 1-2 week sprints

Register by Wednesday!

For example, Oak Ridge is hosting a hackathon in October that would be well-suited toward NCAR projects (note that registration closes this Wednesday, August 18!). Teams with applications in various stages of development (early or mature) are welcome, as they would be paired with mentors at appropriate levels of expertise.

Keep an eye on the Daily Bulletin for more announcements of NVIDIA GPU training in the coming months, including possible events hosted by NCAR as Derecho becomes available to the user community.